About Us

Supporting a Healthy Future for Our Oceans

Oregon Sea Grant’s Scholars Program supports graduate and undergraduate opportunities in coastal science, management, and policy. Qualified students are placed in laboratories, in the feld, and in government or nonproft offices from Oregon’s coast to the U.S. capital, in paid positions that provide them experience, skill-building, and mentorship.


A diverse ocean workforce that understands technical and social challenges facing coastal communities and the natural environment.


The Oregon Sea Grant Scholars Program will increase the number and diversity* of higher-education graduates who are work ready, trained in, and able to apply marine science, policy, management, and outreach skills to the most pressing coastal and ocean issues facing Oregon and the nation.

*Diversity refers to persons from various cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds who contribute a diverse perspective stemming from various lived experiences, skills, and interests.

Sea Grant Scholars are graduate and undergraduate students – and occasional recent graduates – taking part in Oregon Sea Grant’s fellowship and internship programs to learn about marine science, management and policy-making from the inside while gaining valuable professional skills.

Their projects, typically from three months to a year in duration, may be based on the Oregon coast, on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis, at a state or federal research lab, at the state capitol – or even in Washington, D.C.

Like everything Oregon Sea Grant does, our Sea Grant Scholars effort is driven by our strategic goals:

  • improving human health and safety related to ocean and coastal resource use
  • promoting social progress and economic vitality, and
  • enhancing the sustainability of coastal ecosystems.

The strategic goals are realized through two cross-cutting goals: (1) creating an informed and engaged society, and (2) investment in and use of sound science. Our overarching goal is public service through science.  Sea Grant Scholars – many of whom have gone on to noteworthy achievements in science, public policy and the private sector – are excellent illustrations of these goals at work.

To learn more about the Sea Grant Scholars program and find out what opportunities are available, visit the Oregon Sea Grant Web site, or contact us at: seagrant.admin@oregonstate.edu

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