July and August 2020 guides added to SCARC collections

SCARC completed 7 new or updated finding aids in July and August 2020. Following is a list and a little information about what we accomplished. 

These finalized finding aids are available through the Archives West finding aids database, our website, and the OSUL discovery system (a.k.a. “the catalog”). I have provided a link below to the guide in Archon. Links to the guides in Archives West and the catalog are available on the a-d slack channel.

  • Two of these guides are for new collections:
  • Five of the guides are enhanced finding aids for collections that were previously under-described with preliminary or incomplete guides.  

All of these materials will be available to researchers when SCARC resumes full reference services.

Finding aids for new collections:

Fermentation Science Program Records, 1955-2017 (RG 296)

The Fermentation Science Program Records consists of publications collected to support program faculty and students in teaching and research.

Food science and studies on fermentation have long been a part of research at Oregon State University. In 1996, the Department of Food Science and Technology became home to the nation’s first endowed professorship in Fermentation Science. It was also one of the first colleges to initiate a Fermentation Science degree and quickly grew into an internationally renowned graduate brewing research program. The Fermentation Science program, one of just a handful in the nation, has always focused on “hands-on” applied science, including the use of microorganisms as processing agents in the production of wine and beer, as well as a variety of other fermented foods such as cheese, yogurt, soy sauce, pickles, breads and fermented vegetables.

The Lavender Network Newsmagazine, 1986-1992 (MSS LavenderNetwork)

The Lavender Network Newsmagazine collection contains copies of the newsmagazine The Lavender Network, a monthly publication focused on the LGBTQ+ communities of Oregon, published by Ronald B. Zahn.

Finding aids for collections that were only minimally described and are now fully processed and described:

Grace Gramms Scrapbook, 1937-1941 (MSS Gramms)

The Grace Gramms Scrapbook consists of materials documenting her activities as a student at Oregon State College in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Grace Gramms graduated from Oregon State College in 1941 and was a drum majorette with the ROTC Cadet Band.

Hattie Hanna and George B. Hovenden Collection, 1880-1932 (MSS Hovenden)

The Hattie Hanna and George B. Hovenden Collection is comprised of materials assembled by alumni Hattie Hanna and George B. Hovenden that document their experience at Corvallis College. This collection is made up of commencement programs, diplomas, newspaper clippings, photographs and a handwritten manuscript of George’s graduation speech. Hattie graduated in 1880 and George in 1883. The two married in 1893.

Percival Nash Collection, 1870-1929 (MSS NashP)

The Percival Nash Collection consists of copies of Nash’s diary of his time spent as a fur trapper and trader in the Yukon Territory in Canada (1904-1906); two pieces of correspondence, including a 1903 letter from Percival Nash to his stepbrother Gifford Nash; article manuscripts by Nash; and copies of photographs of Percival Nash in the Yukon and of Nash Family members. Percival Nash attended the State Agricultural College of Oregon between 1888 and 1893, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

Oregon Sea Grant Communications Videotapes and DVDs, 1977-2011 (FV 185 SG 1)

The Oregon Sea Grant Communications Videotapes and DVDs consist of multimedia recordings either created or collected by Oregon Sea Grant staff. The materials generally concentrate on topics related to ocean research, marine resources and coastal life, though items related to rivers, forestry and land management are included as well. In addition to finished educational productions meant for a mass audience, the collection also features video recorded lectures, raw research footage, conference proceedings and annual reports. A large portion of this collection, including all of it DVDs, has been digitized and made available online.

Milton O. Stemmler Student Diary, 1891-1896 (MSS Stemmler)

The Milton O. Stemmler Student Diary consists of a typed transcript of a day-by-day record of experiences as maintained by Stemmler, an Oregon Agricultural College student in 1892-1895.  Stemmler earned an agriculture degree from Oregon Agricultural College in 1895. 

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