Daily Archives: July 15, 2014

Field trip to Milam, or “the day I wore a plastic spring skirt”

Last week Karl McCreary and I took a morning trip to Milam Hall, former home of the College of Home Economics and soon-to-be former home of the School of Design and Human Environment.

Karl was there to go through MANY, MANY slide carousels of MANY, MANY slides used in classes. We found carousels dedicated to styles of the 60s, fur, undergarments, Polynesia, and the Victorian period.

I did manage to help transfer some to slide sleeves, but not before I took lots of pictures and put on a skirt decorated with MANY, MANY plastic springs.

We also found many other treasures in the room, most headed to the OSU Surplus Store.

Or to their “black hole temp.”

But also others that are priceless and headed our way, but I really hope that Karl nabs this glove-making kit!