Daily Archives: July 11, 2014

The closing of the co-ops, the adding of some archives

With the closing of Avery Lodge, Azalea House, Oxford House, and Dixon Lodge in June 2014 our collections archivist Karl McCreary has been REALLY busy.

He brought in nearly 25 cubic feet of items, dating from the 1950s to 2014, mainly framed class pictures and photo albums with pictures that show all sorts of college hijinks… Here are few snaps I took of his back table — notice all the frames he had to take apart!

Determined to preserve their community for current and future students, a group of co-op residents and alumni have established the goal of starting a new off-campus co-op in Corvallis. Organizers of the newly formed Cooperative Housing Alumni Association are now seeking a dwelling for the soon-to-be-displaced students in an effort to continue the co-op tradition. In addition to the challenge of locating an appropriately large residence, procuring sufficient start-up funding is now of chief concern to the CHAA. With fundraising efforts underway, the Association hopes to secure a house and organize a new co-op by fall term of 2014. If successful, the formation of this new co-op would help protect and promote the co-op lifestyle for future generations of OSU students. CHAA is currently accepting donations to fund this important project.