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Look out! Our arrangers and describers have been busy this month.

C.C. Hall, Ira Yarnall and Aldo Leopold at Tres Piedras, Carson National Forest, New Mexico. Ca. 1911-1912. From the C.C. Hall Photograph Album (P 301)

10 finding aids for SCARC collections were completed during April 2014. All are available through the NWDA finding aids database, as well as on the SCARC website, and MARC records for the collections are available through the OSU Libraries’ Catalog, Summit Navigator, and Worldcat.

This month’s batch consists of guides for  4 “new” collections that were received in 2013, 4 maps collections, and 2 collections for which there was previously only minimal information available online. As of May 1, 2014 we have 759 finding aids in NWDA.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the preparation and review of these new guides – this work is definitely a group endeavor!

Corvallis-OSU Piano International Records, 2008-2013 (MSS COPI). These records document the concert series and educational programs sponsored by the organization, which was established in 2009 to build a culture of piano in Corvallis, Oregon.

Gregson, Agnes, Collection, circa 1870 – 1971 (MSS Gregson). The Gregson Collection includes materials reflecting her student experience at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC).  Agnes Gregson graduated from OAC with a degree in home economics in 1921.  The collection consists of various ephemeral items and 64 photographs.

Oregon Nutrition Council Records, 1924-1988 (MSS ONC). These records document the establishment, governance, and activities of the Council.  The Oregon Nutrition Council was established in 1924 to coordinate efforts of multiple organizations and health agencies in Oregon active in nutrition and health education.  Oregon Agricultural College was a charter member institution.

Quinn, William H., Papers, 1943-1995 (MSS Quinn). The Quinn Papers document his research on the El Niño phenomenon as a research faculty member in physical oceanography at Oregon State University.  The bulk of the collection consists of a 3-volume compilation of papers written by Quinn.   The collection also includes 33 photographs.

Camp Adair, Oregon, Maps and Aerial Photographs, 1942-1973 (MAPS Adair). This small collection of 9 maps includes topographic maps, orthophotographs, and other maps and images documenting Camp Adair, which was located north of Corvallis, Oregon.  Camp Adair was a U.S. Army training facility during World War II.


McDonald Forest and Peavy Arboretum Maps, 1934-1993 (MAPS McDonaldForest). This collection of 22 maps consists primary of detailed maps of the Arboretum and Forest prepared from the mid-1930s through early 1940s.   The maps document topography, forest site and timber types, and plantings in the Arboretum.  Peavy Arboretum and McDonald Forest were established in the 1920s as a teaching laboratory and experimental forest for the forestry students of Oregon State College.

Oregon Department of Forestry Maps, 1914-1985 (MAPS ODF). The Oregon Department of Forestry Maps primarily support the Department’s role in fire protection for private, state, and federal forests in Oregon.  The collection includes maps of forest protection districts and fireman’s maps.  Of special note is a 1914 map of the full state depicting areas with merchantable time and other forest lands.  The collection includes 103 maps.

Maps of Washington (State) and the Pacific Northwest, 1863-1994 (MAPS PNW). This collection consists of historic and superseded maps depicting forest resources, geology, public lands and land use, hydroelectric projects, highways, and railroads in Washington and the Pacific Northwest region.  The regional maps include Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and in some cases, California and Wyoming.  The collection includes 158 maps.

C.C. Hall Photograph Album, 1906-1933 (P 301). This album consists of 54 photographs collected by C.C. (Charles Chandler) Hall during his career with the U.S. Forest Service.  The photographs depict the forest rangers and statins from Hall’s time as a forest reserves supervisor in Arizona, Montana, New Mexico, and Oregon.  Rare photographs of Aldo Leopold are included in the album.  The album was received as part of the Gerald W. Williams Collection in 2008 and was separated to form this photograph collection in 2014.  All photographs in the album are available online.

VanLeeuwen, Liz, Spotted Owl Collection, 1973-2004 (MSS VanLeeuwen). These materials, pertaining to the listing of the Northern Spotted Owl as a protected endangered species in Oregon, were collected and generated by former State Representative Liz VanLeeuwen to document the listing’s effect on the Oregon’s timber industry.  VanLeeuwen graduated from Oregon State College in 1947 and served in the Oregon Legislature as State Representative from 1981 to 1999.  The finding aid includes a detailed listing of the collection contents, including a document-level list for a portion of the materials.


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