Student workers in SCARC, we couldn’t get along without them

Dance contest, December 1964

We have a whole load of people graduating at the end of this year and I can guarantee that their work has had an impact on your work — yes, even if you just read this blog.

I can’t say enough about how much we value the work that students do in SCARC. We asked a lot of these graduates over their time with us, and they always rose to the occasion. It’s with mixed feelings that we watch them go… While we all know that they are ultimately temporary employees since it’s their work to move on, it’s still a shock each year when the people you’ve watched grow and mature leave. We wish them well and hope that their time working with us was both fun and educational!

This term we say goodbye to Desiree Gorham, Megan Guerre, Andy Hahn, Patch Leishman, Buddy Martin, and John Ngo (who was hired in Sept. 2008!), so we threw them a party that included cake, pizza, healthy snacks, and a white elephant gift exchange. The healthy snacks were the biggest hit for sure.

See how much fun we had?

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