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Have some history for lunch!

From Flickr, "filmstrip," by bmitchellw

From Flickr, "filmstrip," by bmitchellw

Celebrate Oregon Archives Month and join us for a lunchtime viewing about campus history and famous alums from the 1960s and 1970s.

  • When & Where? Thursday 13th, noon-1:00pm (Willamette East Room-3rd Floor of Valley Library)

These three films, produced at OSU from 1968 to 1974, offer a glimpse into campus and student life during an intense period of cultural change in American life; this change is reflected in the variation in the tone of each film.

Two of the films, “Nuthin’ Comes Easy” and “Gotta Start Somewhere,” were created to attract minority students to study pharmacy and media services at OSU. The third, “The Possible Dream,” celebrates OSU in its centennial year in 1968. Highlights include a funky re-creation of an average student party in the early 1970s.

Come judge for yourself — and bring your lunch!