Daily Archives: October 2, 2011

A Whole Month to Celebrate Archives!

OSU Archives 50th Anniversary Display

Celebrate Oregon Archives Month and the OSU Archives 50th Anniversary!

Check out our latest display for a look into the behind-the-scenes past of the Archives – you’ll find out 50 years worth of fun facts like who the first OSU archivist was and which campus buildings have housed the archives, plus you’ll get to see images of previous decades archives fashions and technologies. 

Come see the display in the 3rd Floor Archives Reading Room and check out the Digital Collection in Flickr

And as an added bonus, we have another Flickr Set for you…

Over the past year, two archives student workers have been curating displays almost every month – find out how they do it by browsing through their Flickr Set Under Glass and In PowerPoint

Want to learn more? Contact Oregon Multicultural Librarian Natalia Fernández at natalia.fernandez@oregonstate.edu

Exhibit Co-Curated by OSU University Archives Student Workers Kelsey Ockert and Ingrid Ockert with special thanks to Archivist Karl McCreary