2009 OSU Student Employee of the Year Award recipient: he’s one of ours!

Congratulations to Doug Schulte (and to those of us who work with him). Doug was given the OSU Student Employee of the year award this year, and we couldn’t be happier! Not only is he a great all-around employee, his work on the Flickr Commons project was exemplary—in fact, I think it is safe to say that without his work, there wouldn’t be a Flickr Commons project…

Here is part of the award announcement, which really speaks to how much ALL of our student workers contribute to making our professional lives better, easier, and more enjoyable:

“Student employees comprise the largest group of employees at Oregon State University. Each year, outstanding students are recognized by their employers by nomination for the Student Employee of the Year Award. Universities across the nation select one of those nominees from their school to represent them at their state, region and the national competition level.

This year, OSU employers nominated 23 students for the award.

The nominee selected as the OSU 2009 Student Employee of the Year is Doug Schulte, Head Student Assistant in University Archives. Doug will receive an Award Certificate, a $100 gift certificate, and will be entered in the state competition representing OSU.

Congratulations to Doug on his selection and congratulations to all the nominees for their exceptional service to OSU as outstanding student employees.”

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