What to Bring

You are individually responsible for providing the following items for your personal use during the course’s field exercises.

  • Sturdy leather lugged boots, at least 8″ in height
  • Leather gloves (well fitting)
  • Leather (or other fire resistant) belt
  • Cotton, other non-synthetic, or other fire resistant undergarments and socks (to wear under PPE clothing)
  • Rain jacket (does not need to be fire resistant)
  • Water bottles (at least 2 quarts combined capacity)
  • Any personal medications your may require (including epinephrine if applicable)
  • Pen/pencil/paper
  • Personal snacks/meals
  • A change of clothing for the ride home, and a trash bag for your dirty gear
  • Fire pack (if you have one) or other pack for carrying food, water, rain gear, etc.

PPE requirements (provide your own if possible, but we have loaners)

  • Nomex or other fire resistant shirt and pants
  • Fire-rated hardhat with chin strap

Note: we have about 30 sets of Nomex (shirts/pants) and hardhats that we can loan. Sign up for them during the orientations session if you need them. You will be responsible for your boots, gloves, and other clothing.

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