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A Month of Thankfulness & Gratitude

Beta Iota Brothers at the Brothersgiving Dinner hosted by our wonderful co-advisor Dr. Susan Morley!

Thankful for the memories and thankful for the Brotherhood.

November is the month of giving thanks to the people, things, and moments in life that make us grateful for creating a purpose in our life to be worth living for. This past month we give thanks to not only all our Brothers, but for what each of our Brothers bring as leaders in pharmacy to PDC that makes the Brotherhood that is known as the Beta Iota Chapter. In our November recap, we dive into a feast (both literally and metaphorically) of gratitude and newly made memories that make us thankful for the Brotherhood.

At the start of November was honoring the legacy of when PDC was first founded on the day of November 2nd, which is known as the Fraternity’s Founder’s Day. On this day, 11 men from the University of Michigan formed the first professional pharmacy fraternity of pharmacy founded by pharmacy students. More on the history of Phi Delta Chi can be found in the History of PDC on the official website of PDC.

To celebrate the founding of the Fraternity, our WAL Johnny Chen organized and coordinated our annual Founder’s Day Brunch alongside our neighboring chapter, Gamma Beta, at McMenamins Old Church & Pub in Wilsonville, OR. Brothers from both chapters enjoyed a nice sunny morning on Saturday that was well spent with good food and even better company to promote the values of Brotherhood which is one of the aspects PDC was founded for!

Leading up to this event, our Brotherhood Committee Head, Karen Zheng, also committed to organizing fun mini socials to keep the Beta Iota Brothers engaged with both current Brothers and candidate Brothers to reinforce our love for our Brotherhood. Before it got too cold with the oncoming winters of December, Beta Iota had a casual FroYo Social at Yogurt Extreme on Monroe in Corvallis, OR to treat themselves and take a break from studying up on their drug interactions. The only drug they needed was the essence of Brotherhood bonding. Brothers enjoyed a sweet time to allow themselves to chill with their fellow Brothers and bond over the dedication and commitment towards continuing their journey in pharmacy. Thank you Brothers for your consistent hard work both in and out of pharmacy!

Brothers just chillin’ by Yogurt Extreme to treat themselves in between their busy schedules!

One of our most highly anticipated events this month that truly emphasized the meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday was our Brothersgiving Dinner that was generously hosted by one of our co-advisors, Dr. Susan Morley. Dr. Morley and her family opened up their home to welcome the Beta Iota Chapter in hosting a Thanksgiving dinner to bring the Brothers together to bond over deliciously cooked homemade food, desserts, and warm drinks with thankful hearts. From savory Mac & Cheese to tasty lemon pies alongside impressive charcuterie boards and a zesty rotisserie turkey, Brothers enjoyed feasting on the wonderfully cooked food prepared by Dr. Morley and her husband that we couldn’t be more grateful!

Furthermore, Beta Iota Brothers especially enjoyed strengthening the bond between each other as laughs and warm conversations were exchanged across tables while everyone indulged in an environment of like-minded people. All these moments were captured in a photograph (or several) by a festive tree in anticipation for the next upcoming holidays of joyfulness that has yet to come for the Beta Iota Chapter. More photos of this event can be viewed in our 2022-23 Gallery!

To show our appreciation, the Beta Iota chapter decided to surprise both advisors, Dr. Morley and Dr. Starwalt (not pictured) with flowers, a festive gift basket, and a hand-signed card with personalized messages from each Brother to give our thanks for their constant support in enhancing our PDC experience and the practice of pharmacy. We are forever grateful for their contributions to our pharmacy journey and PDC wouldn’t be the same without their passion and commitment in the field of pharmacy to provide us with the guidance and advice to allow us to become successful and competent future pharmacists to be!

As the cold winter months of December are starting to take into effect, this post comes after the completion of finals week which marks the start of a nearly month-long winter break to come for the Beta Iota Chapter. In lieu of being thankful to finish off the theme of November’s recap, the Beta Iota Chapter is forever grateful to those who has ever been involved of being a part of our journey to shape us into the Leaders in pharmacy we have become today. As Beta Iota continues to grow together upon their return in the new year of 2023, the comfort in knowing that their Brothers will be by their side allows for them to enter the new year with hope and without fear. Whether you are a Brother in Corvallis, Portland, or an Alumni–we are forever grateful for your contributions in helping us create the Brotherhood that is the Beta Iota Chapter.

If you haven’t already, follow us on our Instagram to stay connected with our chapter to see what our Brothers may want to share about how they’re enjoying their well-deserved break! Until then, see you all next year!


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