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Beta Iota is  a chapter of  Phi  Delta  Chi at Oregon State University

We are so excited to share some of the amazing aspects of our wonderful organization with you! Beta Iota is constantly striving to improve and promote fellowship and a sense of brotherhood among pharmacy students and professionals as well as provide our members with the opportunity to flourish as leaders and give back to our communities through various outreaches. Being a brother of Beta Iota is a life changing experience!

Please feel free to check out our site and leave us a comment! Information on how to become a member of Beta Iota and join the nation of pharmacy leaders can be found on our resources page!

Chapter Highlights Recruitment

Recruitment Season is Here!

WIG Tiffany Ong (left) and WMA Hannah Allen (right) representing PDC Beta Iota chapter at the Welcome Social held by the College of Science at OSU.

Leaders in pharmacy, Brothers for life.”

Sharing the meaning behind the saying and recruiting potential candidates for the Brotherhood.

Fall recruitment is underway as the Beta Iota chapter has already started to kick off the 2022-23 year with letting our chapter be known across OSU’s College of Pharmacy involvement fairs and OSU’s community fairs to those potential pharmacy and pre-pharmacy students who are looking to strive to become leaders in their professional pharmacy careers.

Our Brothers dedicated their time to participate in orientation events to let our chapter be known and share what it means to be in the Brotherhood that is the PDC Beta Iota chapter here at OSU CoP. Brothers such as Mathew Lee, Suzie Cha, and our WCC Alena Arounpradith helped represent PDC at the P1 Involvement Fair in mid-September to let incoming P1’s know about the amazing leadership, philanthropy, and Brotherhood opportunities that PDC has to offer to help aid in expanding their pharmacy school journey.

The Beta Iota chapter isn’t just limited to already admitted pharmacy students. When it came to OSU welcome events such as the Welcome Social held by the College of Science at OSU and Beaver Community Fair, our Brothers such as WMA Hannah Allen, WIG Tiffany Ong, and Vivian Ngo helped to seek out potential pre-pharmacy undergraduates that are looking to have a head start in pharmacy to choose PDC as a great way to be involved.

To see more photos from our appearances at these events, check out our updated 2022-23 Gallery!

Now that the word of PDC is out there and it’s known that Beta Iota chapter exists here at OSU’s College of Pharmacy, what’s next? Fall recruitment of course! Headed by the hard work of our WMA Hannah Allen and WIG Tiffany Ong, recruitment events are set to be underway with the first event on October 3rd with a Virtual Game Night via Zoom. Events are ranging from social events both in-person and on Zoom with many opportunities for networking through the chapter or just the College of Pharmacy in general!

To become potential candidates to join our chapter, it’s expected that one must attend at least two of the recruitment events scheduled to be considered for a bid. For those wanting to know more about PDC, how the initiation process goes, and the journey of the becoming and being a Brother, please come join the recruitment events to talk with existing Brothers and alumni to see their perspective on the fraternity! Our WMA & WIG are also available to answer all your inquiries, questions, and concerns as well, visit our Resource page for contact information!

Also, if you haven’t already, follow our Instagram and Facebook page to keep up to date and get reminders on our fall recruitment events or other future events from PDC’s Beta Iota chapter!