The Phi Delta Chi Beta Iota chapter has many committees to get involved in! We are constantly trying to expand our committees to better our chapter and support the interests of our brothers! Don’t see a committee you’d be interested in? That’s okay! Start one! Here are some committees that our chapter currently has:

Fundraising Committee
Headed by:
Tracy Dao


    • Responsible for organizing and setting up fundraisers for the chapter and for the chapter’s philanthropy: St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital
    • Create a fundraising plan for the Chapter.
    • Organize the Chapter to execute the fundraising plan.
    • Evaluate each program and create recommendations for the next group to consider.
    • Ensure the timely completion of all fundraising projects.
    • Past fundraisers have included:
      • Krispy Kreme donut sales
      • Candy grams
      • Can collecting from tailgates
      • Bake Sales

MODA Center Committee
Headed by:
Austin Sayachith & Alena Arounpradith


    • MODA Center Committee is a sub-committee of Fundraising Committee
    • This committee is responsible for communications between the MODA Center in Portland and making sure brothers have the necessary licensure to serve at the booths allotted to PDC at the MODA Center

Brotherhood Committee
Headed by: 
Shaenna Soon & Tiffany Ong


    • Create a social activity schedule for the current year.
    • Assume the responsibility for assuring the proposed social events adhere to Fraternity Risk Management Policies and do not place the Fraternity’s image at risk.
    • Organizing and implementing social projects that promote Brotherhood.
    • Evaluate program and provide recommendations for the next group to consider.
    • Ensure the timely completion of all social projects.
    • Events have included:
      • Escape Rooms
      • Games Nights
      • Bob Ross Paint Night
      • Pumpkin Carving

Scholarship Committee
Headed by:
Carmen Ranslam & Tracy Dao


    • Scholarship committee is responsible for leading the top 200 competition at the end of the year, hosting study groups, and awarding those with academic success and to encourage academic excellence including:
      • Yay’s for Good Grades
      •  Study with Us!
      • Top 200 Kahoot Competition

Service Committee
Headed by:
Jasmin Kha & Tamara Bozaric


    • Create a schedule for Chapter participation.
    • Organize the chapter Brothers to provide service to the community.
    • Evaluate all participation and make recommendations for the next group’s consideration. Ensure the timely completion of all philanthropy/professional projects .
    • Follow-up with correspondence on behalf of the Chapter at the end of philanthropy or professional events. Provide thanks to individuals outside the Chapter who have donated resources to make the program/event possible (i.e., a guest speaker)
    • Service committee heads service projects for the brothers that help the community, such as:
      • Humane Society

Leadership Committee
Headed by: 
Angelica Li & Alanis Morales


    • Leadership Committee is responsible for projects that will further our brotherhood’s leadership roles and gain confidence in themselves.
    • Activities include:
      • Resume Workshop
      • Leadership Activities

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