Chapter Highlights

March Magic & Memories

A reunion of current, new, and alumni Brothers of the PDC Beta Iota chapter as they play amongst the stars and represent at the 2023 OSU College of Pharmacy Apothecary Ball!

A month filled with magical moments and meaningful memories

March brought upon magical moments being made from the start of the the first week leading all the way until the end of the month. It was more than just March Madness that brought us all together this month, but more so the emphasis of the meaning of one of our sayings, “Brothers for Life” that reminded the Beta Iota chapter of the value behind these words holds even as we pursue different paths of the same journey. From a grand reunion amongst the stars at our chapter’s attendance at OSU’s College of Pharmacy Apothecary Ball to helping each other serve our community with Operation Happy Feet, several annual traditions and new events were pursued this month that made this March a month to be remembered.

Already in the first week of March, PDC had the opportunity to support OSU College of Pharmacy by helping to provide an auction basket made by our Brothers Jessica Kempken, Hannah Allen, and Rachael Johnston, to help in their biggest annual fundraising of the year known as the Apothecary Ball. This year, PDC made a charcuterie board themed basket to be auctioned off to help raise money to help the college of pharmacy to provide funds to support student outreaches and educational activities for pharmacy students at OSU.

When it came down to the actual event, the Beta Iota chapter had a great surprise and meaningful reunion with alumni Brothers that attended the Apothecary Ball held at the Oregon Golf Club in West Linn, OR to spend a night amongst the stars. It was like fate that the stars aligned for current and new Brothers of the Beta Iota chapter to see familiar faces from our Portland cohort along with catching up on hearing the amazing things our Alumni Brothers have pursued with their career and provide some wise advice. In short, it was a night to be written in the stars as a part of the Beta Iota chapter’s memories.

To document these memories, our Brotherhood committee heads, Dana Evans and Karen Zhang, coordinated a PDC poster board-making crafts event to help make posters to share about our chapter at events along with updating our PDC bulletin board at our chapter’s college of pharmacy. This event brought together our Brothers once again for the year to express their love of PDC and the Brotherhood through collaboration and freedom that comes with utilizing their creative minds. Just as the motto goes for our fraternity: Alterum Alterius Auxilio Eget meaning, “Each needs the help of the other.”

Alongside our social events, the Beta Iota chapter further extended its collaboration and help by continuing their service to their community through Operation Happy Feet. Continuing our traditional seasonally themed service event lead by our Service Committee Head, Jacqueline Boechler, PDC came together again this month to spread the warmth by making decorated warm clothing bags with motivational notecards to bring some positivity within the cold winter season. Brothers were able to send messages of encouragement through decorating cards or even create fun art pieces in hopes to bring a bit of joy within the long cold days leading up to the start of the spring. Items that were included in these bags were winter items, such as gloves and socks, alongside other warm clothing items and basic needs that were accepted as donations to help aid the homeless population in the Corvallis area. We thank those who have helped in supporting this event to help our chapter provide this service to those in need in our community!

A quarter of the year has already gone by and the Beta Iota chapter has already sprung into action for April as they prepare the school year’s last few formal meetings and events. The upcoming few months to follow comes with the highly anticipated May elections that are approaching as our current officers plan out their final contributions to their roles and positions before pursuing other future endeavors for the next school year. Whether it be taking on a different role or supporting the chapter as a Brother, we are grateful for all the hard work, dedication, and effort that each of our Brothers have put into the Brotherhood that has allowed the Beta Iota chapter to flourish in full bloom this past term and school year!

If you haven’t already yet followed our other platforms to stay connected with our chapter, visit our Instagram as we currently have our ongoing interactive stories from our Officer IG Story Takeovers to get a glimpse into the life of a pharmacy student! Also, stay tuned on our IG throughout the month of April and beginning of May as we progressively close out the year with highlighting our New Brothers in our ‘April with Alpha Psi’ posts and congratulating our Class of 2023 Brothers that is coming soon! We also have a Facebook that can also help you keep up to date on our major posts from our blog or as alternative posts to our IG to also keep you up to date on highlights from our chapter at certain events–such as Beta Iota’s attendance at the recent 2023 APhA Conference in Phoenix, Arizona (pictured featuring Brothers, from left to right, Jasmine Kha, Alena Arounpradith, and Tamara Bozaric).

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