Brotherhood Chapter Highlights

New Year, New Brothers

Beta Iota welcomes our 13 New Brothers of the Alpha Psi candidate class to the Brotherhood to kick off the new year!

Ringing in the new year with Brotherhood in mind.

A little late happy new year as we welcome in 2023 with hope and new opportunities to come for all the Brothers here in PDC. Due to a few setbacks with some blog maintenances and storage issues in our media gallery, this monthly recap will combine with January and February events that involved some milestone moments for the Beta Iota chapter. These events included our highly anticipated Alpha Psi’s initiation to spreading the love through Valograms to raise money for World Childhood Cancer Day! So much has happened in just only two months since starting the new year that it would be inappropriate for us to not highlight these iconic moments for our chapter.

To kick off the start of the year, our Alpha Psi candidate class were united with their Bigs during our traditional Big/Little Reveal event to find their person to be the brand name to their generic drug in Brotherhood. Without getting too tangled up in the process, it was a fun filled evening between current Brothers and the candidates as they were one step closer to becoming official Brothers! Simultaneously, the Brothers of Beta Iota chapter were excited to expand their own individual family trees that extended to the rest of the PDC ‘pharmily’ that makes up the essence of the strong bonds made within the values of Brotherhood.

Our initiation of our Alpha Psi candidate class was one of the highly most anticipated event for our chapter in January as the hard work of our WMA Hannah Allen and WIG Tiffany Ong led the candidate class through their last few classes and requirements before becoming an official Brother. The candidates showed their hard work and dedication through the planning and initiation of their their fundraising, social, and professional projects that included: a Self-Care Kit fundraiser, a LinkedIn Workshop with our advisor Dr. Morley, and a post-workshop boba mingle, respectively! We are so proud of all their dedication and hard work as they each showed us what makes them all leaders in pharmacy to contribute to the Brotherhood that is the Beta Iota chapter!

Finally, it came the day in which we welcomed an expansion to our Brotherhood in PDC. On January 27th, Beta Iota chapter initiated 13 new Brothers of the Alpha Psi class to the Phi Delta Chi society: Shayla Berrey, Tamara Bozaric, Kevin Chung, Dana Evans, Cindy Guan, Rachael Johnston, Savannah Justen, Jasmine Kha, Marissa McGinnis, Jenny Nguyen, Carmen Ranslam, Shaenna Soon, and Jonathon Wells. This is one of the largest recruitment of Brothers the chapter has had as of recently due to waning of post-pandemic times. We also thank and acknowledge all those who have helped in the recruitment or initiation process to make a smooth and welcoming transition for our newly initiated Brothers–including our Brotherhood Committee Head, Karen Zhang, who welcomed our new Brothers with a ‘Welcome New Brother FroYo Social’ event to celebrate the newly initiated class. Furthermore, we are excited to be continuing on through the rest of this year with our now bigger ‘pharmily’ to share moments of success and achievements that are yet to come!

Congratulations Alpha Psi class! Welcome to the PDC Beta Iota Chapter Brotherhood!

As much as our chapter loves the Brotherhood, it was only fitting that we continued to spread the love as February rolled in just around the corner after our eventful first month of the new year. February 14th marks the day of Valentine’s Day but February 15th also marks International Childhood Cancer Day. Did you know that about 1 in 285 children will develop cancer before the age of 20? For more facts about childhood cancer and other ways to support this movement, visit the International Childhood Cancer Day website.

PDC had our annual Valogram fundraiser to help raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with a special request. With the coordination efforts brought to us by our Fundraising Committee Head, Suzie Cha, PDC was able to raise double the amount of money needed to break even and use the profit raised to make a generous donation of 50% of the proceeds going towards our philanthropy with St. Jude in their mission to end childhood cancer to support International Childhood Cancer Day. We thank everyone who has made either generous donations or supported our event to help bring awareness towards this cause!

Phew! What a lot has been done with the Beta Iota chapter in just the first two months alone. The plans for March comes with spring looming just around the corner to sprout out more exciting, new events to come to get Brothers involved! Already we have our annual Operation Happy Feet ongoing to support basic need shelters and Beta Iota’s recent attendance at the OSU College of Pharmacy Apothecary Ball to represent PDC. Thank you to all the new, current, and alumni Brothers for your constant support and dedication to the Brotherhood!

To check out some more moments of all the mentioned events in this (two) month’s recap post, visit our now updated 2022-23 Gallery! Additionally, for more daily interaction, fun stories, updates, and reminders to be more involved with the Beta Iota chapter, follow us on our social media including Instagram and Facebook!

Stay tuned as we return back to our regularly scheduled monthly recaps and for more shared milestone moments from our chapter!