It takes a long time to understand what you’re good at, and even then after awhile it’s still hard to completely define what I’m “good at”. in my working career, I feel like I’m good at understanding the culture of a company. I choose to spend my time in places that I feel like will fulfill me in not only my needs, but wants out of what a job can offer me. Spending the time to actually determine what this meant to me made all the difference in the long run. So, it’s worth it I think to take a big picture viewpoint when looking at jobs, and this I feel like I can confidently say I am “good at”. I value things differently than other people, but that’s what’s important about my perspective, so instead of letting things get by me that might not align with my values, I’d rather do my best to stand up for what I believe in. I value relationships above all else, knowing other people and getting their point of view is always priceless in my opinion, so finding relationships that enrich me is something that I value highly. I feel like I got here in kind of an accidental way, but that’s what’s cool about it, and from that experience and knowing that it’s never a straight line is the fun of it. Thinking about where you’ll be in five years is exciting to me, so how I get there is also equally exciting.

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