Week 7: Personality Tests

The results of my test were unexpectedly somewhat surprising to me, as I feel like I understand pretty much all of the facets of my five-factor model, but one of those factors was way different than I originally thought. To start out I scored moderately high/above average on extraversion, which does check out for my own accounting of my extraversion, which includes me playing music live for a few years now at this point. I do enjoy meeting people, and I also do enjoy showing off my creative work, so this measure makes sense to me. Next was agreeableness, which showed me my result as scoring average/below average on the separate facets of agreeableness. Based on my own internal monologue/own thoughts this assessment would make sense, but in practice I feel like I am much more agreeable, so as to not appear too stand-offish, which in reality is something that must be done. Being too dis-agreeable removes many different options in life, so this assessment makes sense for me only on paper. Next my conscientiousness stood out as lower than most of my other factors, something that I feel like has in the past been a part of my personality, but going forward not so much. This surprised me as I was sure I did much better on this factor specifically. My neuroticism was higher than average, but not by much. This makes sense to me as well, as things can bother me quite easily. Lastly, Openness to Experience was very high, meaning my need for variety is quite high, which again does track with my other personality traits.

After going through the personality test and seeing what the results came out to be, with some of them being spot on while others were somewhat accurate, and that inaccuracy actually would hurt me in a job search if an employer was using this kind of test as a major factor in selecting me as an employee. For the strengths, if I were going into more of a forward facing position such as sales or marketing, I think an employer would see the results of my personality test as giving me a good amount of positives. I am an extrovert in every test I take, so if the position were to be one that interacted with customers or suppliers often, this would be valuable in that I can keep up a positive relationship with these individuals. I feel like my above average neuroticism actually could help me as well in this kind of role, as if it were a sales position, I would be hyper-aware of any changes in the processing of a sale, making my responses rapid and succinct. But my lower than average agreeableness would probably hurt my overall picture as a potential employee, as pretty much all of the time I will be the most agreeable person in the room, but under that I actually can get quite annoyed when someone goes against me, especially in a way that I view as a subject I know a lot about. So if a potential employer were to actually take this info to heart, yes it could hurt my chances, but my personal opinion is that these kinds of tests are only generally encompassing of the things they measure, so definitely not something to base a decision on.

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