Avery or Jaime?

I would choose someone like Jaime, because in general, consistency is the most important factor that any employee can have. Consistency is the type of guarantee that gives the most peace of mind in my opinion, even on the hardest days where an employee might be the most motivated to slack off, they still can fight through that swamp and still have a good enough day to make everything run smoothly. Consistency is also the best way to get good at something, so although Avery might have the potential to completely crush a stressful situation, that happens about 20% of the time, and the rest of the time it is important to stay ready for anything. So while Avery can do well in those situations, I would rather have Jaime because Jaime definitely has the capacity to get better. In jobs like finance and investment, the name of the game is big returns, so while Avery might not be able to exactly consistency deliver those results, their huge victories can definitely out-shadow the smaller loses, thereby making their value as an employee apparent. Jaime could be a lawyer, as it is important to be able to persist longer than the opposition, and Jaime could totally be a good lead on a case. Being a lawyer means putting in long hours and pouring over decisions that need to be meticulously read through to know that every oversight is taken care of. Someone like Jaime who can just put their head down and do what they need to do is very valuable in this type of role.

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