Week 4: Critiquing A Recruitment Ad

Recently I have realized what unique value I can offer as an employee is versatility, at every job I have been a part of up to this point, I always wanted inherently to try every possible position I could at that job. Early on in my working career I recognized I had this feeling that I always wanted to be able to see the job from every position’s point of view, because there might always be a perspective that I enjoy more than the one I am in currently working. And lately I have found that I am actually enjoying juggling the scheduling duties of 2 jobs, it gives me the feeling of independence and that I am managing myself efficiently. I would say this is definitely a strength for my part time jobs that I’m working right now, being able to fill in any position when needed has shown my managers that I am willing to go out of my way to help out whenever needed. This also can double as a weakness however, as it can seem I’m not committed to one position, but to me I view it as gaining as much experience as I can with the situation in front of me. I’m definitely not married to the jobs I’m working right now, and if I’m working something transitionary like I am now, I believe the overall situation is ok.

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