Week 3 Blog Post: Job Descriptions

My current jobs matched their job descriptions offered about each position remarkably closely, that being said however the simplicity in what the job descriptions actually were made it more appealing to me to actually pick them. I knew exactly what I was looking for before even actually starting the job search, two part-time kitchen jobs to help me through the end of my degree, and not too much effort to the point that it would detract from other aspects of my life. In the past I had found it difficult to focus my energy on two competing parts of my life, so going for this overall structure allowed me to have space to breath in my other pursuits. And six months later, I’m satisfied with my choice as the job description promised competitive wages, flexible scheduling, and unique benefits, all of which I have been able to use to great effect. The tip share for my first job is actually very good based on what my co-workers have said about other kitchens in the general neighborhood of South-East Portland. My bosses have also worked with me to fit my needs around scheduling enough hours, but also having my designated days off to work on personal tasks. Also as an employee for the company that owns the building I work in, I get to see any concert I want for free at the location I work at and other locations as well. Unfortunately I don’t have my job description for my first job, but I work as a cook in the Show Bar at Revolution Hall in Portland, and my other job is more of a local family kitchen operation at Jaze Village Hut.

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