Week 2: Experiences with Discrimination

This question is a tough one because it all comes down to what level of tolerance I have for an individual businesses ethical violations, and claims of discrimination are probably the worst kind of ethical violation a business could engage in. If a business was so backwards that it chose to not hire a candidate simply because of their physical attributes, in the context that physical attributes don’t apply to the requirements of the job at hand, I would most likely choose not to go out of my way anymore as a consumer. In reality, it is hard to not engage with a business that is committing some level of ethical violation, but the degrees of these violations matter, and a discrimination claim against a business will be important enough that even the average consumer would hear this news. Hearing this is enough to turn at least a chunk of people off, and at most actually effect the revenue that the business could potentially generate. To answer the third prompt, when I was younger, I definitely cared less about the actual background of the businesses I was working for, but now as someone who has worked a number of jobs, and looking for more, taking the time to research the companies I have applied to paid off much more than not doing so. So I would most likely know about claims of discrimination, and this has turned me off from even considering some businesses as options in the past. I am the type of person to be naturally curious about the company I would work for prior to being there, and knowing my level of research, I would probably just choose to not even apply.

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