Week 1 – Blog Post: The Case for Recruitment & Selection

If an organization decides to put more of a focus on the marketing and product design aspects of their business, they can do so with a potential level of success inherent to this kind of decision, even if it does not give credence to robust hiring practices, which have been shown to be the most valuable process a business can excel in. This shift in focus could be the best potential path forward if marketing and product design are the organization’s key competitive resources, which is the elements they possess that can be the best assets to their success in achieving a healthy and profitable organization. The example from the lecture about how Apple used their brand recognition as a way of propelling each new product they release to the top seller status, is a reflection of using the brand’s best competitive resources as the main focus for driving growth. But this baseline level of popularity could not be achieved without a competitive workforce that truly possessed the top talent needed to work for an elite tech company like Apple. So it seems like hiring and recruitment with long-term goals in mind can actually drive success on a more consistent level, compared to the boom of a recent product release. But there is also potential for drawbacks when having this focus, it seems like focusing on trying to find the best candidates possible could be more of a waste of time than a good use of it, as being too critical could actually detract from productivity with enough of an emphasis placed on it over time. Also it might be truly impossible to tell the effectiveness of an employee based on going through an interview process, but getting the variance of that kind of decision as close to zero is still a possibility.

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