Week 1 – Blog Post: The Case for Recruitment & Selection

Since I moved out of Corvallis to finish up my degree online, I was looking for a more transitionary work schedule that also took up a good amount of my time so I could save for the future, when I do eventually graduate. I ended up getting two kitchen jobs that played well off of each other’s schedule, but this also came with implications on how these jobs would feel to work and what the ideal candidates they were looking to hire. The who this restaurant and this bar were after was someone like me, who needed to fill time and be able to show up consistently every shift and do the job effectively so the other departments of the business could operate smoothly in turn, since they all depend on each other for success. Before getting the jobs I am currently working, the application process took a relatively small amount of time compared to what it could have been. I applied to around 20-25 businesses, and heard back from 4 of them after about two weeks. I settled on my current jobs, a big reason as to why was the level of effort it felt like they were making to hire me, as every other reply I received was delayed or when I asked follow up questions it did not feel like they were engaged with the individual I am instead of looking at me as just another applicant. After going through the process of being hired, working that job, and eventually leaving, and repeating this a few times over the years, I knew exactly what things I appreciated most when going through this cycle. I had a very defined set of expectations when it came to the jobs I knew I would need to look for.

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