Week 10 – 448

Out of everything I learned this term I feel like the most applicable to my career and to other jobs in general is the study of performance evaluations and all of the different terms that stem from performance evaluation. In every job it can be incredibly helpful for employees to understand their metrics for success for their specific position, as being fully informed about what they can do to do well not only improves employee and manager relations, but actually measurably delivers more efficient and profitable margins for the company as a whole. The ideas of ultimate criterion and actual criterion relating to criterion relevance are abstract in theory but that actually helps to relate them to any type of job or business. The ultimate criterion or the proof of the internalization or the skills/information required to be an exemplary employee, can be related pretty much to every job, and the managers of those businesses should go out of their way to evaluate performance on a more incremental level, at my part-time jobs these evaluations would be annual, so in my opinion changing that to a more consistent schedule would be measurably beneficial. The cost of not effectively evaluating performance is hard to measure though as well however, as there is a potential for only a very slight overall improvement after sinking a large amount of resources into revamping performance evaluations, but still, the lessons learned from that kind of experience are priceless themselves. Developing the actual criterion for every kind of job is also pretty interesting to think about for me, what kind of actual criterion could you develop for an astronaut? How similar would that actual criterion test be for a position like a pharmacist? In theory the actual criterion would be similar because they would be testing on abilities that prove an employee is competent in completing the tasks they need to complete.

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