Respite, Renewal, and Looking Ahead!

On behalf of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), thank you for your passion and commitment to excellent teaching. During the 2021-2022 academic year, many obstacles arose, yet, you went above and beyond to continue serving the needs of our students. We hope you are able to find respite and renewal this summer and look forward to seeing you again in the fall. We are excited to continue providing you quality programs and offerings! Here are just a few to get excited about!

Moving forward, New2OSU and Tuesday Teaching Talks will be known as QT@OSU and Quality Teaching (QT) Talks. These programs are open to anyone interested in teaching and will fully align to the newly adopted Quality Teaching (QT) Framework!

Coming next fall, is a revision of Teaching Triads. Mutual Mentors not only emphasizes mentoring skills but focuses on conducting classroom observations. This program supports the revisions of the OSU Faculty Handbook.

To further support the newly adopted QT Framework, Student Learning Experience (SLE), and revised OSU Faculty Handbook is a Portfolio Website. The website emphasizes the use of these tools to organize and communicate a holistic and reflective picture of one’s teaching, especially important during times of promotion and tenure.

Cannot wait till fall to fine tune your pedagogical skills? Explore our self-guided Canvas based courses on Assessment and Instructional Methods.

Have you been thinking about how to apply the benefits of formative and evaluative peer observation to elevate the quality of your teaching and promote student success in time for next year? Visit our Peer Observation (PO) website. Adopt or adapt our evidence-informed PO guides and templates to support a productive peer observation of teaching process.

Do you want to know how you can implement small interventions within a class session to capture the attention of students and engage them in learning? Join us for Sparkshops to spark your teaching and the learning of your students.

Interested in blended, flipped, or hybrid teaching and learning? See CTL’s Blended Learning resources and look for forthcoming opportunities to join a faculty learning community in the fall.

Want to connect your college CTL’s pedagogical resources and Academic Technologies expertise in college-specific ways? Explore the CTL Fellows Program blog and reach out to the CTL Fellows Program Coordinator to learn more.

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