Be Seen. Be Heard. Teach Effectively.

An essential life skill in the month-old era of Remote Teaching (Zoomocene Epoch) is to effectively deliver information via Zoom. The quality and quantity of educationOSU Center for Teaching and Learning in colleges and universities today is deeply dependent of the efficacy of instructors communicating through Zoom and similar video conferencing platforms. This is true whether the student is viewing a live or recorded class session, or meeting with the instructor during virtual office hours.

The bottom line for learners in Zoom is to be able to clearly hear and—when the instructor is on screen—clearly see the person who is teaching them. Besides, we all want to look and sound our best when we teach or meet remotely. That’s where two new 4-minute videos from OSU Media Services will enhance your remote teaching presence:

Do you have more Zoom questions: What settings to use for a guest speaker? How to use the chat controls? See Academic Technology’s full series of Zoom Help Videos. They’re brief, to the point, and tell you exactly what you need to teach your best on Zoom!

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