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  • Teaching with Media: Liven up Your Lecture Videos

    Creating and using instructional media well can be a major asset in your teaching. Discover new ways to create more interactive and engaging lecture videos as you blend classroom and Canvas learning activities in your Corvallis and Cascades campus courses. The Faculty Media Center and the Center for Teaching and Learning invite all OSU faculty […]

  • Congratulations and Thank You!

    The Center for Teaching and Learning congratulates Oregon State University’s record 7,391 graduates and expresses deep appreciation to our faculty who have skillfully taught, nurtured, guided and mentored their students through the unprecedented challenges of the past year. Looking ahead, see the newly updated Teaching Faculty website and the summer and early fall Faculty Training […]

  • Sign up for an Engaging Learners with Instructional Media Workshop

    Explore how instructional media can enhance student learning in all teaching modalities. Discover ways to make your lecture videos more engaging and effective with in-video quizzing. The Faculty Media Center and CTL invite all OSU teaching faculty and GTAs to attend an interactive one-hour workshop. When: Either Wednesday, Apr. 28 at 2 p.m. or Thursday, […]

  • Getting Close While Teaching Remotely: Instructor Presence

    I keep hearing the phrase physical distancing, social closeness touted as an alternative to the typical social distancing. I’ve definitely taken that to heart in my personal life, scheduling virtual hang outs and using an array of technology to keep me connected to friends and family. Despite this awareness of the importance of social closeness […]

  • Be Seen. Be Heard. Teach Effectively.

    An essential life skill in the month-old era of Remote Teaching (Zoomocene Epoch) is to effectively deliver information via Zoom. The quality and quantity of education in colleges and universities today is deeply dependent of the efficacy of instructors communicating through Zoom and similar video conferencing platforms. This is true whether the student is viewing […]

  • Excellence in Media: Leading by Example

    Last Thursday marked the first meeting of the Excellence in Media Professional Learning Community (PLC), a group of OSU instructors interested in delivering high-quality videos to students and peers. Today more than ever, faculty who want to delve into video production as a means to enhance their classes have many powerful, affordable hardware and software […]