Glitter in the Archives! Year 4

Thank you to everyone who came out for our 4th annual Glitter in the Archives event! This year’s event saw the continuation of our collaboration with the OSU Craft Center and the OSU Pride Center in providing a mix of copied archival materials and art supplies for visitors to use to create art pieces inspired by their unique experiences. The guiding question for this year’s Glitter in the Archives was ‘As our communities continue to face violence and trauma, what does building a healing community look like for you?’ It was exciting to see how participants, about two dozen, responded to this theme through their creative work. Our hope is we created a space for participants to imagine queer futures and possibilities through their engagement with historical material from the Oregon State Queer Archives. We look forward to sharing the beautiful pieces created at the event with you in our upcoming zine!

Check out photos from this year’s Glitter in the Archives below!

The Reading Room Awaiting the Event to Begin



Collages for the Zine

Beautiful Collage Creations

Crafting “After” Photos

Donations ready to join OSQA!

Until next year 😀

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