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imagine-osu-logoThe OMA and OSQA were thrilled to participate in Imagine OSU, an opportunity for the OSU community to engage in an event organized around creative workshop stations aimed at facilitating connection, reflection and the co-creation of a shared vision for our university.

Imagine OSU encouraged Oregon State students, faculty and staff to envision an Oregon State animated by inclusion, equity, diversity and social justice through reflection and creativity. The event was designed to encourage participants to translate aspirations and values – as a university community and as individuals – into action. Participants were encouraged to use audio and video, social media, comment boards, and creative arts to reflect on our past, present, and future. The comments, interviews, reflections and insights gathered during the event will be used as the source material for ongoing “Imagine OSU” projects – a living archive of prose, poetry, artwork, documentaries, collages, installations and more.

imagine-osu-flyerImagine OSU consisted of five stations. Workshop stations were hosted by partners including the OMA and OSQA, Orange Media Network, University Housing & Dining Services, and Diversity & Cultural Engagement.

Station One – A History of Resistance (that was us!)

Our station included documentaries and materials from the Untold Stores Guidebook that allowed participants to reflect on Oregon State’s social justice history and how the community has responded in times of challenge. Participants were encouraged to write their reflections on sticky notes and affix them to the comment board.

Questions for the participants to answer included:

  • What thoughts rise up for you reading this history?
  • What does resistance mean to you?
  • What does it mean to see fellow Beavers fight for justice?
  • What lessons can we learn from these stories of resistance?


The Other 4 Stations

Station Two – Audio/Video Stories ~ Participants selected a prompt that encouraged reflection on a variety of topics related to social justice at Oregon State and beyond and respond in video or audio formats. An Orange Media Network staff member was available to assist.

Station Three – Affirmations ~ Participants reflected on envisioning a university community of care where we are both the givers and receivers. Participants were encouraged to write affirmations that were be posted at the station as well as were encouraged to take an affirmation of their own.

Station Four – Reflection → Creation ~ Using provided materials, participants selected a prompt, reflect, react and create.

Station Five – Hop Online ~ Within the #ImagineOSU Twitter Moment on the Office of Institutional Diversity Twitter page, participants were encouraged to react to prompts to join in the conversation. Participants also picked their own prompt and contributed reflections and questions by using the hashtag #ImagineOSU on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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