Oregon Black Pioneers: “Racing to Change: Oregon’s Civil Rights Years” Exhibit Reception

obp-reception-003This evening, the OMA was delighted to attend the reception for the Oregon Black Pioneers’ new exhibit “Racing to Change: Oregon’s Civil Rights Years” at the Oregon Historical Society. Check out the pics below!

About the Oregon Black Pioneers

“Our vision is to be the premier resource for Oregon’s African American culture and heritage information. We aspire to preserve this largely unknown and rich heritage and culture through collections and programs that promote scholarly research and public use. We envision becoming a center for study of Oregon’s African American life, heritage and culture.” OBP Website

About the Exhibit and Public Programming  

Racing to Change: Oregon’s Civil Rights Years is a groundbreaking exhibit with associated public programs about the courage, struggle, and progress of Oregon’s black residents during the civil rights movement in Oregon in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The exhibit will be hosted by the Oregon Historical Society January 15-June 24, 2018.

The interactive exhibit will engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds as it traces how housing and employment discrimination practices affected Oregon’s black populations and spurred the civil rights movement in Oregon. Through personal photos and artifacts, text, and interactive experiences, the exhibit will illuminate Oregon’s vibrant black community during the civil rights era, amongst a larger cultural and legal context of discrimination and displacement.


Photos of the Exhibit Reception

Over 300 people attended…

obp-reception-001Including Governor Kate Brown; she is pictured below with Oregon Black Pioneer leaders Gwen Carr, Willie Richardson, and Kim Moreland

obp-reception-002Prior to the reception’s start, OBP President Willie Richardson spoke with OBP Board Members

obp-reception-004Photos of the Exhibit 


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