“Sense of Place” The Latino/a Community in Hood River

2017-11-08-SenseOfPlaceOn November 8th, the OMA participated in a panel discussion as part of the Hood River “Sense of Place” series. The event “Talking History/Talking Spanish” about the history of the Latino/a community in Hood River was organized by Dr. Lynn Orr, Director of the Hood River History Museum. The event featured three panelists: Ubaldo Hernández, Lisa Muñoz, and Eduardo Bello, who all spoke about their experiences as members of the Latino/a community in Hood River – a community that makes up 30% of the area’s population. And, the OMA’s Latinos en Oregón oral history project was also featured.

Ubaldo Hernández is a Gorge resident since the 1990s and a co-founder of Radio Tierra; he recently joined Columbia Riverkeeper as Community Organizer. He offers a novel take on the Latino experience in the realm of community involvement and social activism.

Lisa Muñoz was born and raised in Hood River and received her BA degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Lewis & Clark College in 2012. Having returned to Hood River to assess and chart her future, Lisa is manager at Dog River. Lisa is also Oral History Coordinator for The History Museum’s Latino outreach program.

Eduardo Bello has been in the US since the mid-1980s and moved to Hood River shortly after arriving in L.A. He has been involved in a variety of businesses, including the establishment of La Clinica, Hood Ricer’s first Latino/a focused health clinic.

Title: “Sense of Place: Talking History/Talking Spanish”
Date: November 8, 2017
Location: Hood River, Oregon
Length: 01:21:22

Link to video recording of “Sense of Place: Talking History/Talking Spanish”

Also, as part of the event, we promoted the Hood River History Museum’s current exhibit “Sharing History/Building Community” on view September 30 — December 30, 2017. Below are photos of the exhibition:

20171109_HR-Exhibit-00120171109_HR-Exhibit-00220171109_HR-Exhibit-00320171109_HR-Exhibit-00420171109_HR-Exhibit-00520171109_HR-Exhibit-00620171109_HR-Exhibit-00720171109_HR-Exhibit-00820171109_HR-Exhibit-00920171109_HR-Exhibit-01020171109_HR-Exhibit-01120171109_HR-Exhibit-012Lynn Orr giving a tour to a group of high school students.


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