The OMA at the Oregon Migrations Symposium


The OMA was delighted to give a presentation on one of its current projects, the Latinos en Oregón oral history project, at the Oregon Migrations Symposium on November 17, 2016, at the University of Oregon in Eugene. It was a full day of amazing presentations with a kick off event occurring the evening before featuring a number of public history projects. The OMA’s presentation “Latinos en Oregón: Stories of Migration and Settlement in Madras, Oregon” is available online, so be sure to check it out!

More information on the symposium and the list of presenters can be found below:


Wednesday, November 16

  • Panel Discussion: Migration Public History with Gwen Trice (Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center), Gabriela Martínez (Latino Roots), Suenn Ho (Garden of Surging Waves), and Jackie Peterson-Loomis, on Beyond the Gate: A Tale of Portland’s Historic Chinatowns

Thursday, November 17

  • Welcome and Oregon Immigration Overview with Dr. Bob Bussel and Dr. Dan Tichenor

Panel 1

  • Lynn Stephen, “Guatemalan Mam Refugees in Oregon: Women and Children Finding a New Life in the Northwest”
  • Natalia Fernández, “Latinos en Oregón: sus voces, sus historias, su herencia” [The OMA!]
  • Carol Silverman, “Roma (Gypsies) in Oregon: A Hidden History”

Panel 2

  • Bill Lang, “1850’s Crucible: Oregon Migrant Re-settlers, Native People, and Creating a New Society”
  • Rebecca Dobkins, “Contemporary Access to Ancestral Lands in Oregon for the purpose of Traditional Plant Harvest: Addressing the History of Dispossession”

Panel 3

  • Brown-Bag Lunch and Panel Discussion — “In the Shadow of the 2016 Election: Immigration Debates in Oregon and Beyond,” with Dr. Kim Williams, Portland State University; Andrea Williams, CAUSA; and Phil Carrasco, Grupo Latino de Acción Directa (GLAD); moderated by Dr. Dan Tichenor

Panel 4

  • Ryan Dearinger, “Hop-Picking Cultures in Oregon:  Reaping Exclusion out of Diversity”
  • Jo Ogden, “The Telling Case of Bhagat Singh Thind”
  • Mario Sifuentez, “Ethnic Mexican Labor and the Post-WWII Pacific Northwest”


  • Wrap Up and Reflection with Dr. Bob Bussel and Dr. Dan Tichenor



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