OSU Pride Center Scrapbooks

Pride Center Scrapbooks

The OSU Pride Center scrapbooks are now available!

The Pride Center serves as Oregon State University’s resource center for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) members of the OSU community and their allies. In addition to its roles in outreach and education, the center provides a safe space for anyone in the community to “explore aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity in an open and non-judgmental atmosphere.” The Pride Center was originally founded as the Queer Resource Center in 2001 and was initially housed in Benton Annex with the OSU Women’s Center. In 2004, the Queer Resource Center (QRC) moved to a permanent location on the south edge of campus at 1553 SW “A” Avenue. In that same year, the QRC was re-named the OSU Pride Center. The Pride Center works closely with the OSU Rainbow Continuum, SOL (LGBTQQIA People of Color Support Group), and the ASOSU Queer Affairs Task Force. It is administered by Diversity and Cultural Engagement.

The Pride Center collection (RG 236) includes 10 scrapbooks that represent over 15 years of the Pride Center’s history. All of the albums have been digitized and the physical albums remain at the Pride Center.

The Pride Center scrapbooks, PDF links and descriptions are below:

OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 1997
The OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 1997 includes flyers, photos, and news clippings about Queer Pride in The Daily Barometer; a dog wash fundraiser event; Pride Week 1997; Ka’ahumanu lecture on racial and bisexual issues; Evangelical Perv Association booth; Lesbian Avengers Performance; Queer Ball; Community News on Pride at OSU; “Did You See Ellen?” screening on her coming out; Asian Cultural newsletter; screening of “The Wedding Banquet” for Queer Pride and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month; Queer Pride week itinerary; screening of “Transsexual Menace.

OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 1999-2000
Description The OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 1999-2000 includes news clippings about the Rainbow Continuum in The Daily Barometer 1999-2000; Oregon State University Pride, 2000 The Newqueer Family Pamphlet; and Drag Show 2000 Poster.

OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 1999-2003
The OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 1999-2003 includes a call for Queer Resource Center; AIDs Debates; Military “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Controversy; Letters to the Editor of The Daily Barometer; numerous articles regarding queer involvement in The Daily Barometer; information on the death of former Justice Thurgood Marshal; Campus Republican Community vs. the Campus Queer Community; funnies and comics in response to Queer happenings on campus and in the nation; Defeat of Measure 9 celebration; Pride Week 2001 schedule; QRC funds controversy; National Coming-Out Day itineraries 2001-2003; American Red Cross Blood Drive homophobic controversy; Greek and Queer Groups connect; article “Military Dismisses 6 Gay Arabic Linguists Amid Translator Shortage”; “Queer Like Me” The Daily Barometer series by Katie Willson; Pride Week 2003 posters.

OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2001-2002
The OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2001-2002 includes news clippings regarding a call for the Queer Resource Center; proceedings of how the Queer Resource Center began and the progression of the center; the article “QRC Passes Unanimously as Fifth Cultural Resource Center”; the controversy over the proposed QRC budget and the inclusion of the Center at all; Ice Cream Social event; Coming Out Day celebration, 2001; Queer Resource Center lunch-in; Drag Show, 2002; “Ask the Sexpert” event with Kathy Greaves; Greek Hate from QRC Hoax; Cultural Centers’ End of the Year Reception; Queer Pride Week, 2002; Healthy Queer Relationships Informational; QRC’s First Birthday Celebration; Greek and Queer Communities Work Together in the Wake of Firework/Beer Bottle Attack at QRC Camp-Out; Intersections of Race/Ethnicity and Sexuality Informational; Free Bowling with Cultural Centers Event.

OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2003-2004
The OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2003-2004 includes photos and news clippings of advertisements to promote the three Queer Organizations on Campus (Rainbow Continuum, Queer Resource Center, Queer Affairs Taskforce); events of Queer History Month; National Coming Out Day, 2003; QRC Open House and Barbeque; “Outlines” the QRC’s Newsletter; the blood drive controversy in regards to AIDs; Trans Day of Remembrance; QRC Ice Cream Social; HIV in the Queer Community Informational; QRC and Rainbow Continuum Pamphlets; Lavender Graduation, 2004. News clippings include information on the equal marriage controversy and community responses; LGBTQ Terms; Queer Support and Milestones in other States; Drag Competition, 2003; Being Queer in a Native American Community; political comics and articles discussing sex education; FDA discrimination in regards to blood drives; Jeanette Jackson’s purchase of S&M clothing for a performance, and the comparison of homosexuals to predators; article on the Day of Purity; San Francisco Legalizing Equal Marriage and Ignoring Discriminatory Laws to Ink over 1,000 Marriage Licenses in four days; and George Bush Jr. denies support of same sex marriage.

OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2005-2006
The OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2005-2006 includes information on the Pride Center Covenant Signing Ceremony, Event Sponsor list, Event Guest Book; Drag Competition, 2005; Drag Clothing Swap; news clippings of Oregon Governor attempting to end discrimination; March 2006 Supreme Court ruling on military recruiting in universities; “Yeas and Nays” on the Brokeback Mountain premiere; Moonlight Breakfast with NAL, APCC, BCC, PC, and CCCC; poster for Pride Center’s brown bag lunch classes; political comics depicting George Bush Jr.; news clippings of gay student being dismissed from OSU; news clippings on Pride Center being vandalized; Drag Show, 2006; Queer Agenda Rainbow Continuum poster; Pride Week, 2006 Itinerary; Lube Olympics, 2006.

OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2008-2009
The OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2008-2009 includes photos of the Pride Center; profile pages on Pride Center staff; Connect Week, 2008; Ice Cream Social; news clippings on Cultural Centers’ Open House; National Coming Out Week; Equality U Premiere film screening; Faculty and Staff On Campus support list; panel on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Athletes, Speaker Estra Tuaolo news clippings; The Laramie Project screening and Candlelight Vigil, October 14, 2008; One Voice Recited by External Coordinator of SOL, Renee Roman-Nose; Sex Party with SHS; Transgender Awareness Week; World AIDs Day; Polyamory/Non-Monogamy & Relationship Diversity event; First Annual Cultural Wellness Stride; “Paris is Burning” film screening; Drag Show, 2009; various news clippings of Pride Center mentions in local newspapers.

OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2009-2010
The OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2009-2010 includes profile pages of Pride Center staff; Staff favorites page; Welcome Week Barbeque; Connect Week, 2009; Hot Coco Chanel Social, October, 2009; Progressive Feast; Queer Health Awareness Month; Tea at the Pride Center; Queer Sex 101; Puppet Plays for Trans Awareness Week; Gender Your Cookie Event; Queer Tree of Life Drawing; Pride Center Pamphlet Q-Connect.

OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2010-2011
The OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2010-2011 includes profile pages of Pride Center staff; Connect Week, 2010; Queer History Month; National Coming Out Day October 11th; staff retreat to Seaside, OR; Pride Center 10th Birthday Celebration 2011 in Women’s Center; Pride Week, 2011, Keynote Speaker Dan Savage, It Gets Better Project; Drag Show, 2011.

OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2012-2013
The OSU Pride Center Scrapbook 2012-2013 includes profile pages of Pride Center staff.

And, here is a link to All 10 PC Scrapbooks

Also, be sure to check out the archival collections of various other OSU cultural resource centers: the BCC and APCC and CCCC.

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