Latino OSU: “Ideologías Lingüistas en los Estados Unidos”

During Fall term 2015, Professor Adam Schwartz, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, used NPR’s program Latino USA as part of his SPAN 456/556 course “Spanish in the United States.” Latino USA is a weekly, hour long, radio program that showcases national Latino news and culture. Each week the producers and journalists focus on a new theme and interview a variety of guests. Professor Schwartz and his students were inspired by Latino USA to create their own one hour program as a collaborative class project. The result was: Latino OSU: “Ideologías Lingüistas en los Estados Unidos.”

Latino OSU: “Ideologías Lingüistas en los Estados Unidos” is divided into several segments all connected to the topic of linguistic ideologies or “ideologías lingüistas’ in Spanish. The students interviewed professors, students, and local professionals to discuss topics such as how linguistic ideologies are related to languages perceived as prestigious, how people speak differently depending on their social environments, how perspectives on language differs in an international context as well as how it is perceived in the United States, especially the idea of an “official language,” how language is taught in schools, how peoples’ identities are shaped by the language(s) they speak, and finally, perspectives on Spanish-language music.

Click here to listen to Latino OSU: “Ideologías Lingüistas en los Estados Unidos”


Click here for the Latino OSU: “Ideologías Lingüistas en los Estados Unidos” TRANSCRIPT

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