The OMA in Performing Arts Resources

PAR Vol. 31

The journal Performing Arts Resources is published once a year by the Theatre Library Association. For its thirty first volume, edited by Kenneth Schlesinger, the theme was “State of the Profession: Performing Arts Librarianship in the 21st Century” and the OMA was featured!

With an Oregon State University 2015 Individual Learning Innovation Grant, the OMA worked with several students to create two iBooks featuring the Obo Addy Legacy Project and Milagro archival collections. The Milagro theatre and Obo Addy Legacy Project are two Portland based performing arts groups – a Latino based theatre and a Ghanaian music and dance group. The article discusses the iBooks projects, lessons learned, and future plans. It also covers the overall process of building relationships with both groups, making the archival collections accessible, and curating a physical exhibit.      

“Archives and the Arts: Showcasing the Histories of Communities of Color” Performing Arts Resources Vol. 31, pgs. 38-49. 

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