The History of Queervallis

Professor Qwo Li Driskill speaking at the History of Queervallis event

On Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015, the OSU Pride Center organized the event “The History of Queervallis” with guest speakers Professor Qwo Li Driskill and Assistant Head Advisor for the College of Liberal Arts Tristen Shay who shared  their knowledge of queer history on campus and in the Corvallis area – and OSQA was there to film their stories!

Professor Driskill discussed his research on queer history on both the national and local level. He gave context to the OSU Queer Studies program by talking about the connections between the feminist and LGBTQ+ movements, and spoke specifically about the intersections between gender, sexuality, and race. Shay shared personal stories of his childhood, his activism in high school and college in support of the queer community, and his journey to OSU along with his continued work here in Corvallis.  

“The History of Queervallis” is available online – check it out!

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