OSU Arts & Social Justice Living Learning Community Oral History Interview

This year, members of OSU’s Arts + Social Justice Living-Learning Community (ASJLC) shared their experiences as part of the ASJLC through an oral history interview, and it is now available online! The ASJLC is “a space where residents explore social justice issues through art and creative expression” and is an incredible program for students to learn and grow. Learn more about the ASJLC website and be sure to listen to the interview!

Interview Audio and Interview Transcript

Date: March 18, 2015
Location: Oregon State University
Length: 00:31:20
Interviewees: Hunter Briggs and Jacq Allen    
Interviewer: Maria Garcia
Transcriber: Avery Sorensen

Interviewee Bios: Hunter Briggs is a freshman at OSU and is majoring in ethnic studies with a focus on pre-law. Jacq Allen is a fourth year student in public health with an option in health promotion and health behavior. Both have participated in the arts and social justice living learning community.

Interview Summary: The interview begins with each interviewee discussing his/her major and his/her decision to enroll in Oregon State University. Following this, they chronicle their personal growth since attending Oregon State and being a part of the arts and social justice living learning community. The students then discuss their inspirations, ranging from family to friends to teachers. Personally, they each discuss their identities, the power structures within those identities, and how those have changed or been reinforced within the college setting. Focusing on the arts and social justice classes, they discuss the dynamics and what they found to be most impactful in the lectures, activities, and guests—many of which brought attention to the power hierarchy and identities of society. Within this same line of thought, they outlined their visions for the future and the ways in which programs like this can help spread equality. In ending, the students discuss some of the community projects they have conducted, what activism means, and thoughts they wish to express to the community about social inequalities.

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