The OMA at NAME 2014

NAME 2014 Conference

This week the OMA attended and presented at the NAME (National Association for Multicultural Education) conference in Tucson, AZ. The purpose of NAME is to “advance and advocate for equity and social justice through multicultural education.” The OMA was excited to share its role in multicultural education by participating in a poster session highlighting two OSU course collaborations featuring OMA collections.

The poster “Engaging Students with Multicultural History through Archival Research Projects” showcased the class assignments from the “Sundown Towns in Oregon” Fall 2012 and Fall 2013 classes, along with the “Untold Stories: The Histories of Students of Color at Oregon State University” Campus Tour Guidebook project. Since the majority of conference attendees were multicultural educators, the OMA wanted to demonstrate how archival research can play an integral role in the classroom, especially pertaining to multicultural education.

And, the conference itself was fantastic!

Also, a special thanks to Jean Moule, OSU Professor Emeritus in Multicultural Education, who introduced the OMA to this conference and was the first professor / OMA collaboration involving in-depth archival research for a class.

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