OSU Cultural Resource Centers’ Libraries

OSU CRCs Libraries Online Catalog

The OSU Cultural Resource Centers (CRCs) each have fantastic individual libraries with books available for check-out to the OSU community. In order to make these libraries more accessible to potential users, the OMA worked with the CRCs to create a joint online catalog via LibraryThing so that you can browse through the combined collections to see what great resources they have!

First, be sure to check out the OSU CRCs Libraries Profile; here you will find information about library policies and center locations – although the catalog includes all the CRCs books, in order to check out a book, you need to go to the center that owns the book. On the profile page, you can use the tags to search within a specific center’s collection.

OSU CRCs Libraries Profile

Or, if you are ready to browse through the collections and/or search for a specific book, check out the OSU CRCs Libraries Catalog. Use the search box with the words “Search this library” in the top right hand corner.

OSU CRCs Libraries Catalog

And, if you are interested in learning about the process to create these libraries and the joint catalog, be sure to read the article, “Booxter and LibraryThing: Making cultural resource centers library collections visible and accessible” which was published June 2014 in College & Research Libraries News vol.75 no.6, pages 318-335.

To learn more about the CRCs, here are the links to each center:

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