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On October 19th and 20th the OMA attended both a concert in honor of Obo Addy and a new play in the 2013-2014 season of the Miracle Theatre Group! Plus Mike and Katrina, interns for the collections they are processing for both organizations, have some updates!


Obo Addy Legacy Project concert:

The tribute concert featured pianist, composer, and Jazz master Randy Weston. He, along with Addy’s ensemble Okropong and the Lewis & Clark symphony, paid homage to Addy and his African inspired music.

Obo Addy Legacy Project Website

Obo Addy Legacy Project collection updates:

The Obo Addy and Homowo materials continue to yield amazing bits of cultural history.  A complete series of posters for the annual Homowo festivals have been identified. The various forms of media in this collection continue to be challenging. Oversize archival storage boxes for the large format posters are being sorted at this time. The huge volume of materials has been reduced by weeding out the duplicate copies of items such as lobby cards, posters, and fliers. The next major project with the collection is to organize and catalog the video and audio tapes, again dealing with duplicates.

~ Mike Dicianna, Obo Addy Legacy Project collection intern


Miracle Theatre Group play:

This past weekend was the world premiere of the play Corrido Calavera, an original and bilingual celebration of the Day of the Dead, conceived and directed by Lakin Valdez. The play featured a young couple that had recently passed away and the spirits that were assisting them transition into the afterlife.

Miracle Theatre Group website

Miracle Theatre Group collection updates:

It is now week 15 of the processing project and I’m happy to say that the initial filtering is now done, at least for the administrative and outreach files. 46 boxes and 23 binders have been broken down and filed into filter folders (think of it as a pre-stage to archive folders) that will be worked into the schematic based on findings during the filtering process. There are of course lots of other types of materials including financial records, grants, and production files, but those will be processed later. Next steps include 1) finding out what systems the organization is presently using, specifically electronic systems, in order to work out a Records Retention Schedule (RRS) and 2) planning a brief training for theatre staff regarding the collection and an initial discussion on plans for an RRS.

~ Katrina O’Brien, Miracle Theatre Group collection intern


Be sure to check back for more updates from both Mike and Katrina in the coming months!

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