The Miracle Theatre Group Archives Project ~ Let the Collection Processing Begin!

José Gonzalez, MTG Executive Director and Katrina O’Brien, MTG Archives Project Intern

It’s official, the Miracle Theatre Group (MTG) archives project now has a new intern! About a month ago, the previous intern, Mike Dicianna, wrote his final blog post regarding his work with the collection and the transition to the project’s new intern Katrina O’Brien; see Mike’s blog post: Miracle Theatre Archives ~ The Next Steps. Katrina is a grad student in an archives program and she brings a wealth of experience with her to this position. To find out more about her many experiences, check out Katrina’s Blog  

And so, the MTG project continues! Over the course of these next few months Katrina will process the collection; this means she will re-box and re-folder the materials (in special archival boxes and folders of course) and then she will use Mike’s proposed arrangement plan for the collection to organize all of the materials.

This is Katrina’s first week and she began by preparing and organizing her workspace; here’s what she had to say along with some great photos:  

“MTG has a rich history of theatre productions, outreach programming, and education. And because of this, its records are literally bursting at the seams. I’ve walked in after a very preliminary inventory covering two rooms, the smaller room known as the official archive room and the conference room which had become an overflow storage room including the overflow of records boxes. First step was to clean out the conference room to create a processing room. I wish I had taken a picture of what it looked like when I first walked in but let’s just say, archive labor can very much be manual labor.”

Check out Katrina’s great photos:

Everything everywhere…





Lots of post-it notes…

A much needed supply station (and more post it notes)…

Dozens of boxes means a there’s a lot of work ahead, but for an archivist it means more fun as well…

And so, let the collection processing begin!

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