RG 248 Centro Cultural César Chávez

The collection RG 248 Centro Cultural César Chávez (4Cs) is now available!

The 4Cs was established at OSU in the 1970s to provide a location and facility for various academic, cultural, recreational, and social events related to Chicano/Latino/Hispanic culture. The 4Cs is managed by the office of Diversity Development, a unit of Intercultural Student Services. For more about the history of the 4Cs check out the blog post A History of the Precursors to the 4Cs, the 1970s. And, 4Cs is in the process of getting a brand new building and on November 1, 2012, OSU held a groundbreaking ceremony.

The RG 248 4Cs collection includes 16 photo albums that represent 20 years of the 4Cs’s history. All of the albums have been digitized and the physical albums remain at the 4Cs.

The 4Cs Photo Albums

Album 1, circa early 1990s
Events and Activities depicted: Various dinners and dances, a Teatro Mestizo performance, a boat trip, the building of the 4Cs’s deck, various gatherings at and within the 4Cs, and the event Noche Bohemia “El Encuentro de Dos Mundos / The Encounter of Two Worlds” on January 31, 1992. Also Included: 4Cs staff circa early 1990s.

Album 2, circa 1990-1995
Events and Activities depicted: 4Cs staff posing by the new 4Cs sign, dance and guitar performances, and various gatherings at and within the 4Cs.

Album 3, 1991-1994
Events and Activities depicted: Retreat to Otter Crest, 1991-1992; camping in Madras, 1992; retreat to the Coast, 1993; Cinco de Mayo, 1991-1992; ski retreat, 1992-1993; Bohemia Night “How to Build a Nation in Indigenous Ways” 1993; cooking for Hispanic Month, 1993; Cinco de Mayo, 1992-1993; MEChA conference in Portland, 1993; camping, 1993; summer EOP freshman, 1993-1994; Fall Cultural Centers Open House, 1993-1994.

Album 4, 1994-1995
Events and Activities depicted: Student Activities Fair; first Hispanic Student Association (HSU) meeting of 1994-1995; first fundraiser – Bolivian Sweater Sale, October 1994; Condor music concert; Hispanic Night – display in the MU East, ticket sales, practice, cooking, decorations and set up, serving food, dancing; HSU Thank You meeting, February 1995; protest / march regarding immigration; and various unspecified gatherings.

Album 5, 1997-1998
Events and Activities depicted: Document with 4Cs’s mission statement, brief history, and services provided; page one of the 4Cs’s newsletter El Mensajero issue 1, October 1997; Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altars; images of the 4Cs, the  house; page one of El Mensajero issue 2, January 1998; Día del Amor y la Amistad (Valentine’s Day) preparation and celebration; El Mensajero Spring issue, April 1998; volleyball game; and various unspecified gatherings.

Album 6, 1998
Events and Activities depicted: “The Fight in the Fields” A Tribute to César Chávez, Thursday April 23, 1998 – this album contains various items all regarding the tribute to César Chávez event, items include: a brief biography of Chávez; an event flyer; a flyer for the Dolores Huerta lecture; an event brochure; newspaper clippings, promotion for and reflection of the event; page one of the 4Cs’s newsletter El Mensajero Spring issue, April 1998; an event ticket; photos of the event preparation, speakers, and location; and a “congratulations to the 4Cs” note written by OSU Professor Erlinda Gonzales-Berry.

Album 7, 2000
Events and Activities depicted: The Kick Off BBQ, June; Summer Outdoor Olympics, July; All Cultural Center Garage Sale, August. Also Included: various cultural centers’ staff members.

Album 8, 2000-2001
Events and Activities depicted: All Cultural Center Staff Retreat in Lincoln City, January 2001; Día del Amor y la Amistad (Valentine’s Day), February 2001; Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) preparation and celebration including an Aztec Dancers performance, November 2000. Also Included: various 4Cs staff and event attendees.

Album 9, 2002-2003
Events and Activities depicted: Christmas Gift Exchange; Midnight Breakfast; Valentine’s Day; SB 10 support demonstration; a tour of the 4Cs for young students; and dance performances. Also Included: 4Cs staff for 2002-2003.

Album 10, 2003-2004
Events and Activities depicted: Various unspecified gatherings during October 2003; food demo, February 2004; bowling night, February 2004; computer classes for adults and daycare for attendees’ children, February 2004; awards ceremony, undated.

Album 11, circa 2005
Events and Activities depicted: Anti HR 4437 (Border Protection, Anti-terrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005) protest. Photos of the march on the OSU Campus and the county court house.

Album 12, 2007-2008
2007-2008 Events and Activities depicted: César Chávez Tribute Month, April 2008, activities including the César Chávez Tribute Dinner,  symposium, and candle light vigil, a keynote speech and workshop regarding Latinos in the Media by Lalo Alcaraz, and a presentation on Che Guevara by OSU Professor Joseph Orosco; Open Police Forum – Discussion on Racial Profiling, February 2008; “I Heard It in Class” conference, April 2008; 4Cs Open House, October 2007; OSU Talent Show; Baila con Mexico / Dance with Mexico; Spanish Conversation Nights, February and March 2008; Condoms and Candies, February 2008; All Centers Retreat, January 2008; Ropes Course Retreat; Loteria Night; “Stop Blaming the Victim: Immigration in Historical Context” presentation by Professor Dan Goldrich; Cumbia lessons; Día del Niño / Children’s Day. Also Included: 4Cs staff for 2007-2008.

Album 13, 2008-2009
2008-2009 Events and Activities depicted: Women’s Self Defense course, October 2008; Noche Caliente, November 2008; Stress Reliever Day, December 2008; “Welcome Back!” event, January 2009; “Candies and Condoms” sex education event, February 2009; Chicana Feminist Fair, February 2009; OSU Talent Show, March 2009; “Fear Factor Live” event, March 2009; Tribute Month Events, April 2009: Dinner and Dance, Blood Drive, Candle Light Vigil, Día de los Niños, “Viva La Causa” movie discussion, Professor Joseph Orosco lecture and book signing on César Chávez, Tree Planning and Rededication Ceremony.

Also Included: 4Cs staff member names and positions: Emanuel Magaña, external coordinator; Hunn An Pope, internal coordinator; Leo Soto Jr., activities; Yessenia Alarcon, activities; Mike Shingle, publications coordinator; Cindy Hernandez, community outreach coordinator; Yesenia Leon, activities office assistant; Valerie Ortega, activities office assistant; Patrici Baez, office assistant; Christina Bein, office assistant; Nancy Perez, office assistant; Wolof, G.T.A.

Album 14, 2009-2010
2009-2010 Events and Activities depicted: 4Cs open house, October 2009;  “Cupcakes and Condoms” Valentine’s Day event, February 2010; fried ice cream workshop, February 2010; Tribute Month with keynote speakers Patty Sakuri and Jesus Jaime Diaz, April 2010. Although not pictured, there is a page with various flyers with information about the following events: Salsa con Sabor, November 2009; “Test and Time Management” workshop, October 2009; “Stress and Homesickness” presentation, November 2009; Transforming Columbus Day, October, 2009; and “Systems of Oppression” presentation with Philosophy Professor Lani Roberts.

Also Included: 4Cs staff member names and positions: Juana D. Luna, activities coordinator; Tomas Cortes, publications coordinator; Pepe Zamora, office assistant; Letty Rodriguez, office assistant; Valerie Ortega, activities coordinator; Yesenia Chavez, office assistant.

Album 15, 2010-2011
2010-2011 Events and Activities depicted: 4Cs Open House; Los Tres Reyes Magos / The Three Wise Men celebration; Día de los Muertos / The Day of the Dead celebration, November 2010; Cupcakes and Condoms, February 2011; Corridos presentation by Jim Garcia; How to Build a Burrito event; Pachucos presentation by Pedro Arenas;  César Chávez Tribute Dinner, April 2011. Also Included: a poster for Cumbia dance lessons, November 2011 and a poster for Traditional Posada Night, November 2011, as well as 4Cs staff for 2010-2011.

Album 16, 2011-2012
2011-2012 Events and Activities depicted: Staff Training; Multicultural Tailgater; Transforming Columbus Day event; Día de los Muertos / The Day of the Dead celebration, November 2011; Posada Night; Cumbia Night; Indigenous People of The Americas event; Secret Santa / Christmas celebration, December 2011; Valentine’s Day, February 2012; Latin@ Heroes presentation; Tribute Month Events flyer, April, 2012; Occupy Movement and Latin@s presentation by OSU Professor Joseph Orosco, April 2012; Single Parenting Factors Affecting Child Development presentation by CASA – Voices for Children Executive Director Maria Chavez-Haroldson; César Chávez Tribute Dinner, April 2012. Also Included: 4Cs staff for 2011-2012.

Also, be sure to check out the archival collections of two other cultural centers: the BCC and the APCC. Of note, materials from the NAL are soon to be added to the archives!

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