Black History Month Display – “Creating an Archival Collection”

In celebration of Black History Month, the Oregon Multicultural Archives presents
the display “Creating an Archival Collection: St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Parish Records.” The display includes three components:

1. “Archivist Jargon”: 5 simple terms that will have you talking like a pro: Archives can be complicated to newcomers because there is a vast amount of jargon used in the profession. Incorporated in the display are five key terms that will help newcomers better understand archives.

2. St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Parish: The OMA has cultivated a partnership with St. Philip’s for almost a year now. The display offers the audience a look into the history behind St. Philip’s Mission, as well as bios on prominent church leaders and members such as Father Lee Owen Stone, Mother Alcena Boozer, and Carl Diez.

3. The Five Steps – The main section of the display explores the steps of processing archival materials. These are the steps that were used when processing the St. Philip’s collection.

The display’s Digital Collection on Flickr includes the step by step guide of processing a collection, photographs of the processing stages, and photographs of Parishioners.

Display Information:

Dates: February 2013
Location: OSU Valley Library, 5th Floor across from the main elevators
Exhibit Curation and Design: Hannah Mahoney, OSU Special Collections and Archives Research Center Student Worker

And, there are free Black History Months pins available!

Want to learn more? Contact Oregon Multicultural Librarian Natalia Fernández at

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