The Oregon Tribal Archives Institute ~ Days 3-5

Day 3, August 22 ~ Digitization Day

Session Facilitator Karen Estlund

  Session Facilitator Kira Homo

Our University of Oregon colleagues, Karen Estlund and Kira Homo, joined us for our digitization day – they facilitated numerous sessions including:

  • Digitization, Best Practices
  • Sound Recordings, Best Practices (with Nathan Georgitis as a facilitator via webcast)
  • Digital Asset Management Systems & Metadata
  • Born Digital Records

We concluded the day with Emily Afanador and Riki Saltman of the Oregon Folklife Network joining us to discuss the OFN’s projects.

Day 4, August 23 ~ Our Day at Grand Ronde

The Education Building at Grand Ronde

Our fourth day of the Institute was another site visit, this time to Grand Ronde. The day began with a continuation of Day 3; we started off with Kira and Karen joining us for a session on Digitial Preservation and Exemplary Digitization Projects, including the Oregon Digital Newspapers Project.

Session Facilitators Kira and Karen – More Digitization Information

Other sessions throughout the day included:

  • Reference and Access
  • Records Retention Schedules
  • Researching Elsewhere for Tribal History

We concluded with a discussion about the recently proposed Northwest Archivists’ Native American Archives Roundtable.

Grand Ronde Library

We ended our day at Grand Ronde’s Spirit Mountain Casino with Dr. George Wasson as our guest speaker.

Day 5, August 24 ~ Last Day!

As part of our last day (a half day), we started off with MaryKay Dahlgreen from the State Library who spoke with us about LSTA grant funds.

MaryKay Dahlgreen, State Librarian

Our last few sessions included:

  • Outreach and Social Media
  • Model Programs for gatherings specifically the Convening Culture Keepers program in Wisconsin
  • Grant Writing

The final session of the week was an Institute Reflection in which the attendees and facilitators discussed overall impressions of the Institute and thoughts on plans for the future in terms of gatherings and trainings.

Wrap Up and Plans for the Future

The Institute may have ended but we hope it is just the beginning of many future gatherings. Stay tuned for more information!

Session Recordings Coming Soon!

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