St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Church

 They say, “You’re only as good as the company you keep,” and judging by the over 900 photographs I have inventoried thus far from the St. Philip the The Deacon Episcopal Church collection I can tell you that the St. Philip’s congregation keeps the best of company.

A few of the photographs from the collection

Three weeks ago the Oregon Multicultural Archives temporarily acquired a collection of materials from St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Church located in Portland, Oregon. Over the next eight weeks it is my job to continue to research the church, process and organize the collection, scan selected materials and create metadata for the scanned items. Once my job is complete, we will return the collection to the Church.    

 Boxes of materials I will be organizing over the next several weeks

St. Philip’s passion for the community, education, and youth is apparent throughout the collection and I cannot wait to continue processing the materials and sharing it with all of you in weeks to come.

Until next time,                                               

Hannah M. (Student Intern)

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