Asian & Pacific Cultural Center Albums!

APCC Albums

Addition to RG 245 Collection
Eight Albums – Digital Versions

The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) has over 20 years of history and we now have that history available in the form of 8 albums!

Album 1, 1987-1996
Events and Activities depicted: gardening; presentations; outdoor games with children; dances; Asian Pacific American Celebration, November 1987; Christmas celebration; Halloween pumpkin carving [Dates are based on the imprinted dates on the photographs].

Album 2, circa 1995
Events and Activities depicted: various social gatherings, including a Chinese New Year event [Date is based on the imprinted dates on the photographs].

Album 3, 1997-1998
Events and Activities depicted: International Students of OSU Potluck Party, October 1997; Cooking Demonstration (Vietnamese) by Kathy Le, October 1997; Halloween Party, October 1997; ISOSU International Fashion Show, November 1997; Holiday Celebration, November 1997; Vietnamese Student Association Thanksgiving Potluck, November 1997; Christmas Party for all four cultural centers, December 1997; Christmas Party for ACC staff and advisory board, December 1997; New Year Mochi Party; Food Preparation for A/PA Heritage Fair, May 1998; A/PA Heritage Fair, May 1998 — Heritage Fair: Pag-ibig Dance Troupe, Pure Saturday, Sick Men of Asia, Hawaiian Local Boys; “Letters to Thien” May 1998; “18 Mighty Mountain Warriors, May 1998; Zero Awards, May 1998; A/PA Queer Issues, May 1998; “Heaven and Earth” discussion by Janet Nishihara, May 1998; Drawing at the film festival “First Strike” and “Tomorrow Never Dies”; Laotian Student Association meeting, June 1998. Also Included: APCC Staff 1997-1998 [Dates are based on the dates written by hand in the album not the imprinted dates on the photographs].

Album 4, 1998-2000
Events and Activities depicted: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, May 1998; APASU ACC AIPA Ed. Office Welcome Back BBQ, September 1998; Open House, October 1998; Taste of the Pacific Rim, October 1998; Interracial Dating in the ‘90s, November 1998; Fry bread Fundraiser, November 1998; Community Caucus, November 1998; Holiday Staff Dinner, December 1998; Lei Making 101, February 1999; All Cultural Center Skate Night, March 1999; Wacky Olympics, May 1999; Cultural Center Staff Fall Training, September 1999; Asian Cultural Center Grand Opening, April 2000; Wacky Olympics, May 2000. Also Included: APCC Staff 1998-2000.

Album 5, 2000-2001
Events and Activities depicted: Open House, October 2000; Kaleidoscope 2001; Cultural Center Retreat, January 2001; Halo-Halo Night, October 2000; Student Involvement Fair, October 2000; All Staff Scrapbooking Class, February 2001; Dead Week “Evening Breakfast” March 2001; Diversity Development Workshop, March 2001; Siblings Weekend, February 2001; APASH “Retro Night” February 2001; JSA Reception, February 2001; Wacky Olympics, April 2001; Asian Cultural Center 10th Annual Anniversary, May 2001; Hui O Hawaii Luau Evaluations, April 2001; SATO Meeting, May 2001; Children’s Day, May 2001. Also Included: renovations to the APCC completed April and APCC Staff 2000-2001.

Album 6, 2001-2002
Events and Activities depicted: Diversity Development Staff Training, 2001; Asian Women and Sexual Assault, November 2001; Sushi Demo, November 2001; Children’s Day, December 2001; MLK Story Time, January 2002; Staff Lock In, February 2002; Northwest Leadership Conference, Portland, undated; State Penitentiary, February 2002; National Day of Remembrance, February 2002; Girl’s Day and Mochi Demo, March 2002; APA Spring Reception, March 2002; Asian Breakfast, March 2002; ‘80s Night Dance, April 2002; Mom’s Weekend, May 2002; End of the Year BBQ, May 2002; Asian Family Center: Women’s Health Issues, May 2002; Lei Making, May 2002; Covenant Signing, January 2002. Also Included: Newsletters, 2001-2002 as well as SAYO, APASU, and APCC Staff 2001-2002.

Album 7, 2002-2003
Events and Activities depicted: Yoga, November 2002; Mehndi, November 2002; Mochiko Chicken Demo, November 2002; Asian Breakfast Study Break, Fall 2002; Interracial Dating Workshop, February 2003; MLK Story Time, January 2003; Spam Musubi Demo, February 2003; Anime, Winter 2003; Beaver Dam Community Jam, undated; APA Leader Retreat, undated; Harvest Celebration, undated; Dessert Demo Shortbread, Spring 2003; Goodbye Party in the International Forum, undated; Asian Masculinity and Femininity Workshop, Spring 2003; Cleaning the S.I. Meeting, undated; All Staff Retreating, undated; Children’s Day, undated. Also Included: APCC Staff 2002-2003 [Note: Some pages were never completed and have notes with events].

Album 8, 2004
Events and Activities depicted: Open House; Game Night; APA Harvest Celebration.

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