RG 244 Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center

RG 244 BCC Box of Materials

 RG 244 Lonnie B Harris Black Cultural Center

Historical Note:
In 1975, the Black Student Union (BSU) received funding from OSU student government, the Alumni Center, and the community to open the BSU Cultural Center. The center’s name changed in 1981 to the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center (BCC), in honor of the first director of the Educational Opportunities Program. The mission of the Lonnie B. Harris BCC is to complement the academic program of studies and enrich the quality of campus life for African and African-American students at OSU.

Lonnie B Harris Black Cultural Center

Collection Content:
This collection includes guest books, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photographs, photoalbums, and a scrapbook.

The items primarily document activities and events organized by the center such as staff retreats, Kwanzaa celebrations, Soul Food Day, annual MKL Jr. celebrations, open house receptions, bowling parties, Black History Month Dinners, and lectures by visiting scholars. In addition to OSU-related materials, some of the newspaper clippings pertain to Corvallis City Manager Gerald Seals.

There are about 1600 images in total (1100 prints and 500 negatives) which depict a combination of BCC events, center staff and members in group and portrait shots, examples of displays/exhibits for the BCC, and views of the BCC building. Also included in the collection are three CDs with various images including a tour of the BCC by elementary school children.

Black Cultural Center Albums Now Online:

BCC Albums 2-4

The four albums, 1992-2004, are made up of photographs, newspaper clippings, flyers, mission statements, and brochures and they reflect BCC events and members.

BCC Album 1 1992-1997

BCC Album 2 1997-2001

BCC Album 3 2001-2003

BCC Album 4 2003-2004

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