Celebrate Latino/a Heritage Month!

Latino/a Heritage Month Display

Although Latino/a Heritage Month does not officially begin until the 15th of September, we are celebrating a bit early this year by physically and digitally sharing archival material related to OSU’s Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) and the Centro Cultural César Chávez. 

Want to know more? Come see the display in the Valley Library 3rd Floor Archives Reading Room and check out the Digital Collection in Flickr!

Also, for this display we specifically digitized 3 ALAS Photo Albums  

Album 1, 1994-1995
Album 2, 1995-1996
Album 3, 1996-1997

Want to learn more? Contact Oregon Multicultural Librarian Natalia Fernández at natalia.fernandez@oregonstate.edu

Exhibit curated by OSU University Archives Student Worker Kelsey Ockert

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