The Klamath Tribes, July 25-26

Our travels this week took us to Chiloquin, OR to meet with representatives from The Klamath Tribes. It was a pleasure to get the chance to meet with other people as excited as we are about records management and cultural preservation.  We are thankful that they were able to take time from their busy days (and all of the chaos of Culture Camp) to come and speak with us about their programs and goals for the future.  Their records retention schedule policy is really well put together and it is serving as a valuable tool to help organize and build their records program.  With a lot of exciting developments on the horizon for the Klamath community, we are excited to work with them on the Archives and Records Institute over the coming year.

Blanche Hescock and Larry Landis in front of the records center during our visit to the Klamath Tribes.

Blanche Hescock (Records Clerk for The Klamath Tribes) and Larry Landis (OSU University Archivist) in front of the records office for The Klamath Tribes during our visit to Chiloquin on July 26.

We are taking a break from the road next week, but will return refreshed and ready to go the week after when we head to Pendleton to meet with tribal members from Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation August 9.

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