Nick Francisco Capstone

  • CS 462 – Blog Post 2

    My favorite technologies that I have used to create our animal adoption web application are GitHub for managing our code and project, and the React library for building our site. We use GitHub to review each other’s code before we merge them into our main repository and use their project management tool to assign and […]

  • CS 462 – Blog Post 1

    An article I read about clean code comes from [1]. This article provides several tips and best practices for writing clean code. One tip from the article that I want to work on more often is the efficiency of my code. I can create effective code but I often know that it can be […]

  • Blog Post 3

    Our project, Dating App for Animal Adoption, is going very well. We have completed our final design document and already have several features implemented for our react website. The features we have implemented so far are responsive and reusable header and footer, creating an account, logging into an account, logging out of an account, a […]

  • Blog Post 2

    My project is called Dating App for Animal Adoption and we have come up with several ideas on how we will go about implementing this web application. We have created a requirements document that lists the requirements and a design document draft that lists specifications and components of our web application. These two documents should […]

  • Introduction

    Hello! My name is Nick and this is my blog for my computer science capstone project. I am a full-time student and I live in Edmonds, Washington with my wife and our two dogs. My hobbies include working on my car and taking them to track days or auto-crossing, playing video games, and spending time […]

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